Why Chat&

Competitive Advantage

Chat&’s competitive advantage:

  • The Chat& platform has been developed from the ground up as a sales and customer service platform for live video, with the requisite integrated features such as proactive chat and co-browsing.
  • Mobile video chat capability versus primary competition being limited to text chat for mobile devices.
  • Specifically built to address sales as a primary product feature.
  • Deep expertise in online consumer purchasing habits.
  • Powerful analytics to examine shopping behavior to identify customers to engage and offers they may find attractive to increase sales conversion.
  • Online consumer purchasing habits.
  • Sophisticated methodologies to efficiently engage online consumers.
  • Reporting capabilities that measure return on investment.

Technical advantages of CHAT&

One Online Platform for all collaboration modules

The CHAT& operating system solves the problem of gathering the digital divide of users; their content and access into one “Collaborative Online System”. The CHAT& platform is based on extensive proven persistence communication technology that establishes socket communications for typical functions of collaborations such as instant messaging (IM), file storage and file conversion, video conferencing, online promotions and more. The CHAT& system provides unique modules that offer users various ways in which to repurpose, share and express ideas (i.e. rich media content).

Only 200K connection required (NO APPLICATION DOWNLOADS)

CHAT& begins by loading the core code and screens needed to allow the user(s) to log on, relatively fast since it is under 200k! This is done via a standard web browser on any desktop (PC Appliance, Phone or PDA) capable of running the Adobe Flash PlayerTM (estimated to be at 98% for an installed base). No applications are downloaded on end users’ computer.

Client-side managed sessions result in a fast connection

When the user logs in, CHAT& determines the needed modules and parameters to run that session. It then establishes a symmetric link to the communication server(s) running on the Internet or within your company network. Speed and performance are the top priorities of any OS – therefore, the CHAT& limits the need to route traffic over the network and manages the user’s session locally, resulting in a very fast connection, even over a low bandwidth.

Efficient and secure connections

CHAT& does not rely on constantly changing variable settings to “talk” between users or modules on the system. This allows for a secure connection and smooth operations when new functions are added to the system because the settings are only sent once to enable the communications functions.

Dynamic Updates

CHAT& modules, such as interactive video conferencing and web conferencing, are loaded from server-side commands for optimal communications and dynamic updates. Once users log onto the CHAT& system, they have access to any module that is allowed per the account settings. The system even controls the ability to meter and monitor usage to further feed into billing and/or tracking for reporting.

Document management and file sharing

Collaboration is the central focus of how all the modules function. Whether you upload the files to your secure storage location for sending and sharing with others or you save them for conversion, the system manages all aspects of the communications. Sending those big PowerPoint files and clogging up others’ email accounts are gone – you can securely send for one-time viewing, printing or not, and downloading or not.

The most bandwidth friendly “show and tell” system

When is sending not sending? When you can “show” your local files to others to “view”. CHAT& has integrated the most bandwidth friendly and secure method of “show & tell”. Our solution requires the presenter to install (once) a simple plug- in to enable this feature. Setup a meeting, open a document, discuss with the team, make edits, save it and upload it into the CHAT& for secure document viewing.

Custom Solutions

Typically, the base system is more than adequate for typical users and daily uses but CHAT& was designed with the flexibility to allow customization. Unlike other solutions on the market, CHAT&’s professional services group is able to provide custom features on any of the modules. Customization will allow channel partners to have a competitive advantage over “standard packaged” offerings in the market. This also enables the enterprise customer to brand their collaboration tools with a “look and feel” that is congruent with their company logos and company culture.