SaaS Service Model

Chat& provides its solutions on a software-as-a-service SaaS basis as a hosted software company. This model offers significant benefits over local-based software, including reduced up-front costs, faster implementation, lower total cost of ownership (TCO), scalability, cost predictability and simplified upgrades. Chat& customers will eliminate the time, server infrastructure costs and IT resources required to implement, maintain and support traditional local based software. The only foreseeable new hardware cost to clients is the installation of webcams on chat agent workstations if not already installed.

Enterprise Level Sales

Chat& is a solution for senior executives that have a large enough operation and business platform to support the need for 50+ Chat& SaaS licenses. Chat& will be able to uniquely support multiple brands across multiple store fronts to assist merchant with a uniform customer experience across vertical market segments.

OEM Sales

Chat& is developing strategic partnerships with third party referral sources who own strong customer relationships with target market segments, especially where penetration into those segments strongly benefit from long standing relationships. By maximizing market coverage via partners who provide lead referrals and complementary products and services, Chat& can be an embedded element to a broader internet technology platform.