• Chat& is the 1st application to harness the power of video chat and real time co-browsing

    • Real Time Video Chat
    • Live text Chat (Instant message)
    • Joint Web Browsing & Screen Sharing

    • No Download Required
    • Works on All Browsers
    • No Server Required
    • Unlimited Scalability
    • Easy to Integrate

    • 100% Secure Session
    • Intuitive UI & Control Panel
    • No Lag or Delays
    • Works in All Browsers

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The Chat& software is a
NO DOWNLOAD "SaaS" collaborative chat application that allows a company's live sales and support staff to connect directly with customers via 1-to-1 real-time sessions. Chat& delivers a virtual "e-showroom" that recreates the face-to-face experience a customer has with a real person in a retail showroom. When needed, the online assistant can take over website navigation for customers as if they were live and in-person with that individual.


Video Chat

Your website visitors can initiate a one-on-one Live Video Chat with a Customer Service Representitive or a Support Technician with just one click.

Text Chat

Our technology allows for standard Live Text Chat with options such as Canned Responses, Logging, Conferencing, Chat Session Transfers & more.

Shared Browsing

Chat& software offers live co-browsing. Convert more customers by helping them shop in real time.

No Download Required

Chat& Technology is completly web-based and will help you increase customer interaction & conversions without customers ever leaving your website.

Browser Friendly

Our Patent Pending Technology has been rigorously tested on many platforms, website, & browsers.

Plug and Play

the Chat& application takes minutes to setup & will integrate seamlessly with any 3rd party CMS or e-commerce platform.

No Server Required

Chat& is Self-Hosted on hi-end servers using the latest technology & maintained by a 24 hour support staff.

Scalable & Customizable

Chat& Enterprise can be customized to suit any market. The technology is versatile & scalable. Read More